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NHS Fees

Through our partnerships with Local Area Teams, we provide dental care and oral health advice that are necessary to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

We aim to provide preventative dentistry to help you avoid extensive dental treatments. The NHS tells us how we must charge you for NHS dental services and the amount you pay depends on the treatments you need. However, some people are exempt from the charges:

  • Patients under the age of 18

  • Patients who are 18 but still in full-time education

  • Expectant mothers

  • Nursing mothers

  • Others receiving various low income benefits


The amount you pay for dental treatments is capped. Treatments fall into three bands and are shown below:


     Band 1           Examination, Scale & Polish, X-rays                                                £23.80

     Band 2           Fillings, Extractions & Band 1 treatment                                        £65.20

     Band 3           Crowns, Dentures & Band 1 / Band 2 treatments                       £282.80



Here are some scenarios that might help you better understand how the fee banding work:

  • If you attend for an examination and we find that your teeth are healthy, you pay £23.80. If we do an X-ray to make sure of this, you still only pay £23.80.

  • If you need an X-ray and one filling to bring your teeth up to scratch, you pay £65.20.

  • If three fillings and an extraction are required to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy, you still only pay £65.20.

  • If your dentist discovers you need a crown, the amount of £282.80 would be payable.

  • If you need two crowns and a filling, the fee will still only be £282.80.

  • If you require Band 2 or Band 3 treatments, you will receive a personal plan of care. This is a written plan to let you know what we will do and how much you have to pay.

You will also receive a written personal plan of care if you mix NHS and private treatments.

Once your teeth and gums are declared healthy, you will be asked to book for a check-up at an interval as advised by your dentist. At that time the treatment charges start again, so if your teeth are still healthy at your next appointment, you will only be charged £23.80 for the examination, scale and polish (where required).

Prices effective as of December 2020 

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